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01 June 2022 | 2 min read
Poultry Drinking Water Sanitation: Importance

Maintaining the quality of drinking water for poultry is an important nutritional aspect because birds consume water at twice the rate of feed. The microbial quality of water is an important factor in determining its wholesomeness. As a result, it should be a top priority for production personnel and poultry producers to understand the microbial quality of the water supplies provided to their birds and confirm that it is within an acceptable range. Various studies show that water supplies are extremely vulnerable to microbial contamination, even in farms with good management systems. Furthermore, water sources such as wells or reservoirs are dynamic, with water quality changing seasonally. Establishing routine supply testing and taking corrective action as needed can have a significant impact on flock performance.

05 June 2022 | 2 min read
Clean drinking water is essential to life

Water is one of the most essential resources humans need to survive. To be healthy and keep your body in good condition, you need access to a reliable supply of safe drinking water. One way to ensure that you always have clean water within reach is through water purification....